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This is the vision board I made back in 2010. I love love LOVE this project as tactile way to play with future goals and recommend it to anyone who feels so inspired. Not a day goes by now that I don’t express gratitude for my life and all the chapters that have written me here.

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Nature’s always right there just waiting to take your breath away. Eyes to drink it in and I feel its presence as a joy in my chest that oozes its way out through my grin. I can’t contain it… because it’s too big to contain. It’s a joy that celebrates the artistry of The Divine; the preciousness of this moment and the blessed connection I have with YOU.

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Flora & fauna help me to remember the REAL world that I’m a part of. This is the mysterious, the magical, the majestic jade vine… Its presence, an inspiration. ON a schedule; UNDER endless pressure; IN our cubicles; DOWN at our phones; it’s easy to loose touch. We forget our spirit-self, our playfulness & our power. We feel tired, sick and ultimately unfulfilled.

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I look at my younger self and I look at my present self — from some angles I don’t see that I’ve changed at all, and from others, I’m unrecognizably different. Many of the strides I’ve made have come on the training tracks that have been my romantic relationships. For a period of time I believed that personal growth happened solely while in isolation. I believed that getting closer to God would mean spending more and more time alone. Partly in this pursuit I turned quite reclusive for many years, operating without a steady friend-group, let alone a boyfriend.

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I’m not here to act like getting out of bed every day is easy. There are many that I’d rather just cocoon up and wait — wait as long as it takes for my wings to sprout and for them to introduce my best-butterfly-self to the morning. But not every day affords this luxury and sometimes I find myself out in the world as a confused and vulnerable little larva. And although I’m fascinated by, I’m not interested in anyone who is pretending that it’s always sunny. What I am interested in is being real and saying it’s hard.

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“Are you an omnivore/locavore/paleo/vegetarian/vegan/raw vegan?” There are a million ways we label ourselves and get labeled by others because of our food choices. It is this labeling that has lead to much of the tension that I’ve witnessed in my community. I’m not 100% certain that this would qualify as oppression and for the record I certainly don’t want to give it as much weight as something like racism or sexism or adultism. I’m posting out of curiosity of others opinions; and also to bring light to something that has been present in my life, perhaps it’s present in yours too?

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I often overhear prideful words on the subject of non-attachment. My self-proclaimed hippy friend recently said aloud, “gross, look at that girl with the expensive designer bag. I’m not pretentious like that. I don’t care about money. I don’t shop in those high-end stores, I shop in used clothing stores.” What she was attempting to share about was her freedom from an attachment to money, however what i heard was an example incomplete.

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I have never regretted being kind. To hold kindness as a practice important as any other means being kind, not just when it’s convenient; not just when you are with your friends; not just when things are going your way; not just when you feel well; and not just to people’s faces. It is about being kind to the irrational driver who cut you off; the dog that won’t stop barking; the store clerk who is being short with you; the mosquito buzzing in your ear; the late bus driver who messed up your plans; the family member who won’t change; the you who dropped the ball with your diet this week.

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When a person speaks in judgement of others (of their physique, of their ability, of their choices etc.), they reveal their hand. They display to the world their own deepest insecurities.

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Inner & Outer

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Your body is a reflection of your choices.

Your life is a reflection of your thoughts.

Your relationships are a reflection of your self.

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There is no such thing as time wasted. It is all perfect and in this, there is no space for regret. A tree spends its lifetime in devotion – stretching up, digging down, bending with, feeding on, adapting to and growing strong – every process, an effort towards bearing fruit. And after those many years, if one of its apples is not picked, it falls. But the tree doesn’t say, “Oh no, all that energy for nothing, what a waste!” It simply lets gravity deliver its harvest to the ground. There, it will feed the ecosystem that will provide nourishment for its roots. You are always growing. In this process, nothing is wasted.   ✪ Like this post? You may also enjoy Seeds or Future...

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Personal Pics

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My verdict on selfies is still out. Prompted by having more and more long distance relationships, for me they’ve functioned as a way of saying, “Hey I’d like to share this moment with you. So i’m going to snap a picture and send it to you so that perhaps you may glean some enjoyment. I want to take a part of my happenings and insert it into your happenings so that we might find company in some fragment of reality… so that we might be more connected.” I would like to feel more connection. Somehow the world is getting smaller and the ppl in it are getting farther apart. I want to be closer to the people i love. I want to be more in love with the people I am close to. To me, this seems to be a shared sentiment – that somehow selfies say, “I can’t look into your eyes or touch your skin right now. But i’d like to. I’m just a silly lil’ human being, attempting to make contact in this silly modern world.   ✪ Like this post? You may also enjoy Selfies or...

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Life’s Difficulties

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Maybe life doesn’t get any easier… Maybe we just find different ways of asking for help and begin to humble ourselves enough to accept support. We discover more about our own needs, and become more open to receiving what the world has on offer. We learn new forms of compassionate communication, and verse ourselves in different languages of love. Maybe we just work on loosening our grasp, letting go of control. Allowing for enough suspension of the ego to reveal the simpleness of our being. It is then that we can touch relief and step into a new dimension of connection. Maybe life doesn’t get any easier… Maybe we just become more and more honest about our human experience.   ✪ Like this post? You may also enjoy Time, Tightness or Hard...

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There is an orchard in every papaya, and a universe in every being. It is only with the dissolution of form that, the possibilities within one may sprout. Get in touch with the infancy of your infiniteness. Open up. Allow for a death of the parts to liberate the w(hole). Allow for presence to turn potential into kinetic, and grow your spirit in every direction… . ✪ Like this post? You may also enjoy Time or Hard...

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When your friends become your family and your family becomes your friends… that… that is harmony. ◇ Are you able to appreciate each member of your family as an individual person and not solely for their relation to you? Are you able to walk them down from their pedestal, remove any filter of expectation and stand beside them in companionship? Making friends with your family means relieving them of any obligation and finding how you may share joyful company. ◇ Are you able to be vulnerable with your friends? Do you feel comfortable that in their presence you will be accepted, without judgment? Do you feel safe enough to be your whole self in every moment? Making family of your friends means that though you may not share the same dna, you know their story, you know their struggles, and so you adopt them into your world and chose to love them unconditionally. ◇ This is liking who you love and loving who you like. ◇ To be friends with your family and family with your friends is a beautiful thing. And, when you can be fans of them all; your friends, your family and your foe, now that is really something. Can you find something to celebrate in everyone? Whether it is the passion your pal has for his painting or the generous nature of your grandparents. Are you able to admire and applaud the performances of these personalities? And for those whom you feel less compatibility — are you able to, in the least, see their triggers as teachers and say thank you? When we can see individuals just as people trying their best at this thing called life, and when we can express gratitude for every encounter, we have a recipe for peaceful community.   ✪ Like this post? You may also enjoy Compassion or Romance. Brother, Kat, mother,...

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In each and every scenario, The greatest gift you can bring to this world, to your fellow man and to yourself is » your presence « That is when you grow. That is how you love. And that is where you cease to exist. ✪ Like this post? You may also enjoy Hard Times or...

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The Self

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The most important work you will do in this lifetime will be on yourself. Working on, working down, deconstructing. Venturing outside so that you may step back in with a lighter foot and a wider eye. Standing still long enough to witness your own death and rebirth.   ✪ Like this post? You may also enjoy Inner & Outer, Baby Birds, or Hard...

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Physical Presence

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Body awareness right now. Are you holding any tension? Exhale. Relax your jaw. Unfurrow that brow. Let your shoulders fall. Release the day. Scroll away…   ✪ Like this post? You may also enjoy Tightness, Jealousy or...

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Live simply. Play like the animals, present and free. Endure like the earth, steady and humble. Harmonize like the universe, almighty and all accepting. ✪ Like this post? You may also enjoy Costa Rica, The...

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Q & A

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I don’t believe the answers to life’s “biggest” questions come in the form of words. ✪ Like this post? You may also enjoy Presence or...

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I’d like to propose a worldwide no electronic day… Just one day… Where we look with our eyes, not with our lenses. A day to meet- not tweet, text, type to our friends. Where we are here for each moment, as they come. Where we love with our heart, not like with our thumb. Time to view the world, not pixels on a screen. A day to really live, not just pin our dreams. Time to connect with feelings, large and little. Not the TV, phone and internet signal. A day with no filters, clicks or collages. A day to clear up the present mirages. . ✪ Like this post? You may also enjoy Selfies,...

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Synching Up

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Lost in the wonder of how a spec of sand at sea can unite wanderers in lust. Now with space, a strength to practice trust.         ✪ Like this post? You may also enjoy Being Apart from a Loved One or Long-Distance...

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What is romance? Romance is taking the time, it is not rushing. It is being sensitive and thoughtful. It is acting from the soul, guided by the heart. It is not forced, but inspired. It is being deliberate and organic, at the same time. It is both luxury and necessity, at the same time. The romantic view is one of fresh, naive, childlike wonder, that kindles the awe-someness of each moment. It is seeing grandness in the “small things.” It is appreciation. Be romantic in life, not just in love relationships. Take the romantic approach to the day, the work, the now… Slow down, proceed with purpose, let it flow and be grateful. . ✪ Like this post? You may also enjoy Living, Being Apart from a Loved One or...

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Long-Distance Relationships

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That night when rainbows were aglow. The stars fell and the colours rose To dance in the light of each other. A river to restrict, contain, limit To create a border between. Or a river to move, flow, carry On a path to the open ocean. It is here not to cleave us apart but together. So we may meet the freedom of the sea. Swim with me.     ✪ Like this post? You may also enjoy Synching Up or Being Apart from a Loved...

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Morning light. A reminder of the blessing that is The opportunity to start anew. With each day, With each thought, With each breath, Begin again.         ✪ Like this post? You may also enjoy Physical Presence, Sunsets or...

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That same inevitable reality of change that we detest for moving us out of comfortable situations and into uncomfortable ones is the same energy that moves out of unpleasant situations and into desirable ones It will flow it will flow it will flow the meantime becomes the now time the step becomes the platform       ✪ Like this post? You may also enjoy Trekking or...

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Being Apart from a Loved One

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I cry Before i remember you are the wind And i feel your touch. Before i remember you are the rain and i hear your dance. Before i remember you are the sun and i rest in your warmth, Bathe in your light, Grow in your presence.         ✪ Like this post? You may also enjoy Romance or Long-Distance...

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My thoughts are in constant flux with regards to the whole internet universe… Yes it makes a world of information more accessible than ever, creates ease in activity and facilitates connection. It can also enable mental and physical indolence and alienation from each other, the earth and ourselves. I feel sadness in witnessing this interaction atrophy, the erosion of reality. Ultimately I am grateful for the choice to decide that reaching out online doesn’t have to mean not reaching into the present. I have mixed thoughts arise with the whole #selfie phenomenon as well. at first i was appalled and judged it as the epitome of my self-absorbed, ‘like’ happy generation. perhaps an expression of vanity and desperate search for acceptance. Or perhaps it is simple play… it is our silly and awkward way of celebrating the beauty that is this vessel we have been gifted. one way to honour the privilege of this life. Is there value in placing everything in a box, or is it just a habitual reaction? really nothing has to go anywhere, nothing has to be assigned one meaning. it can just be. To exist simultaneously IN and BEYOND these labels of the human experience (whether it is with diet or money or clothing etc), there is freedom. To act without attachment to dogma and without fear of judgment and criticism, there is freedom. ✪ Like this post? You may also enjoy Personal Pics, Electronics or...

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I truly believe that everyone is an artist, just with different canvases. What is your art? How do you channel the divine? What inspires passion in the core of your being, gets you out of your head and makes your spirit feel alive? Does your soul take the form of dance, doodling, scrap booking, singing, gardening, jewelry making, carpentry, food preparation, painting, acting, quilting, beat boxing, hair dressing, fashion, poetry, piano, playdough, Youtube, Instagram?… Honour your creative needs as this expression is fundamental to your emotional, spiritual, mental, and physical health. Honour your creative needs cause it just feels...

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Baby Birds

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You don’t know this yet little one, but One day you will fly Now it’s dark, but One day your eyes will open only to be blessed with sights of unimaginable beauty Now it’s cold, but One day your feathers will grow to dress your whole being in warmth Now there is struggle, but One day you will be strong enough to soar beyond One day you will fly For now, rest.   ✪ Like this post? You may also enjoy Electronics or...

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24th Birthdays

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l Looking back on this past year in awe. Never have I leaned so hard into laughter and softened so comfortably into tears. never have I been willing to bring as much presence to each moment… Everyday waking at the edge of the unknown and jumping in with two feet. I’m left sharing only gratitude for this colourful life; it’s lessons, it’s adventures and the beautiful way they are woven together. I’m blessed to have connected in the ways I have with so many mates to my soul, to our dear mother earth, and to myself. Thank you thank you thank you. Life if you keep showing up everyday, I will be there to meet you… to travel on this journey, an exploration in unconditional love ♡   ✪ Like this post? You may also enjoy Trekking or My...

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I cannot even imagine what it must feel like to be a mother! I do know that I am truly blessed to have this little man in my life. My 12 year old puppy, Frankie, with his loving spirit and humble character has brought more joy to my heart and peace to my being than I ever knew possible. Animals can be our friends, our grounding energy and our angels. They can be our best example of how to love unconditionally; be curious and playful; appreciate life’s simplicities; live free from thought; and make soul connections with others. Let’s see their light, love them, not eat...

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