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I have never regretted being kind.

To hold kindness as a practice important as any other means being kind, not just when it’s convenient; not just when you are with your friends; not just when things are going your way; not just when you feel well; and not just to people’s faces. It is about being kind to the irrational driver who cut you off; the dog that won’t stop barking; the store clerk who is being short with you; the mosquito buzzing in your ear; the late bus driver who messed up your plans; the family member who won’t change; the you who dropped the ball with your diet this week.

Being kind in your heart is not about the way you handle the jerks that come your way; being kind in your heart is about seeing all beings with enough understanding and compassion so that you aren’t seeing anyone as a jerk… You aren’t seeing a jackass, you are seeing an individual who is in pain; you aren’t seeing an idiot, you are seeing someone who is confused; you aren’t seeing an asshole, you are seeing someone who is suffering.

This way of being is really about shedding the lenses we’ve come to adopt – the lenses of judgement, fear, expectation and resentment through which we see the world. It is about getting back to an eye that is clear, an eye that is pure love… an I that is one with all.

In this space we find a reservoir of patience and understanding. And in this space, kindness flows.

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When a person speaks in judgement of others (of their physique, of their ability, of their choices etc.), they reveal their hand. They display to the world their own deepest insecurities.


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Inner & Outer

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Your body is a reflection of your choices.

Your life is a reflection of your thoughts.

Your relationships are a reflection of your self.


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There is no such thing as time wasted.

It is all perfect and in this, there is no space for regret.

A tree spends its lifetime in devotion – stretching up, digging down, bending with, feeding on, adapting to and growing strong – every process, an effort towards bearing fruit.

And after those many years, if one of its apples is not picked, it falls.

But the tree doesn’t say, “Oh no, all that energy for nothing, what a waste!” It simply lets gravity deliver its harvest to the ground. There, it will feed the ecosystem that will provide nourishment for its roots.

You are always growing. In this process, nothing is wasted.


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Personal Pics

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My verdict on selfies is still out.
Prompted by having more and more long distance relationships, for me they’ve functioned as a way of saying, “Hey I’d like to share this moment with you. So i’m going to snap a picture and send it to you so that perhaps you may glean some enjoyment. I want to take a part of my happenings and insert it into your happenings so that we might find company in some fragment of reality… so that we might be more connected.”

I would like to feel more connection.

Somehow the world is getting smaller and the ppl in it are getting farther apart.

I want to be closer to the people i love. I want to be more in love with the people I am close to.

To me, this seems to be a shared sentiment – that somehow selfies say, “I can’t look into your eyes or touch your skin right now. But i’d like to. I’m just a silly lil’ human being, attempting to make contact in this silly modern world.


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Life’s Difficulties

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Maybe life doesn’t get any easier… Maybe we just find different ways of asking for help and begin to humble ourselves enough to accept support.

We discover more about our own needs, and become more open to receiving what the world has on offer.

We learn new forms of compassionate communication, and verse ourselves in different languages of love.

Maybe we just work on loosening our grasp, letting go of control.

Allowing for enough suspension of the ego to reveal the simpleness of our being.
It is then that we can touch relief and step into a new dimension of connection.

Maybe life doesn’t get any easier…
Maybe we just become more and more honest about our human experience.


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