Before & After

Posted on Jan 12, 2018 in Nutrition

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This photo is not solely about a “before and after transformation”. This photo is a reminder of the true nature of ourselves. These bodies are ever-changing. This form, impermanent.

So if that which appears solid is actually in a constant state of flux – who am I and what can I rely on?

There is something that resides in all of us. Beyond our bodies, beyond our minds (which change as well), is our light. HERE is our power, HERE is our tenderness, HERE is our magic — In the formless, timeless, essence of your being.

We know this intuitively, but our culture and even the “health” & fitness community within it, condition us to focus elsewhere. We now FIXATE on our bodies and in doing so, the wider picture falls to bokeh.

Diet goals are great, athletic goals are great, but let’s not loose ourselves in them so much that we forget the truth.

We are not our physical selves; our friends are not their physical selves; that stranger is not their physical self. These are our temporary homes so let’s

keep them clean,

avoid harmful judgement of each other,

and focus on soul connection.

What might be possible if we could see each other and ourselves FIRST by our light and not by our bodies?

When scrolling through social media, keep in mind that, in reality there is no “after” photo. This vessel is remolded on a moment-by-moment basis. One day we may think we look “pretty” and others, “ugly”. This roller coaster ride is the result of operating exclusively in the dimensions of mind and body. When we focus on acting from a conscious place however — one of authenticity & love — our light shines bright enough to cast boundlessly in all directions. A beauty to be seen in sparkle and felt in warmth.

If you were wondering about my journey here…

I’ve traversed all numbers of the scale and have only ever come to find a stable weight through eating a low fat raw vegan diet. Learning about 80/10/10 was an ABSOLUTE BLESSING that gave me the tools to finally take care of my body. If you are looking for tips from my experience I invite you to check out my YouTube videos. Lots of helpful stuff there!

After being raw vegan for 9yrs I’ve also come to see how important recipes are, especially during the transitional stage! Knowing this, I’ve compiled several recipe books – These have honestly been my secret weapon in staying raw as long as I have. Find those here!😊


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  1. I a man new to raw vegan; I was a vegan for 7 years. I’m trying to learn all I can to be successful on the raw diet. Do you follow the 80/10/10? Do you eat salt and see that some raw foodies are against salt. I find it hard toakr my sauces taste good without Himalayan salt; I have give up sea salt. What’s your thought on raw untoasted nori; do you eat it. The last question do you eat fat and if so how much, how often and what. I came across your videos and they are very informative.

    • Hi Rashin 🙂
      Welcome on over to the raw vegan world!
      Yes, I do follow 80/10/10 and no, I do not consume salt. I don’t have a problem making yummy sauces, feel free to check out my recipe books (I do not include salt in any of the ingredients)
      On occasion I do have raw nori but find that as I satisfy my sodium naturally through other veggies and fruits, I seldom crave it. I do eat overt fat, but also don’t crave it too often or in high quantities. I stay within the 80/10/10 ratio without even thinking about it.

  2. I hope you’re not referring to the right picture as “the goal”. You are way to under weight there. I see power and vitality in the girl to the left.
    You are a blessed soul and I love you.
    Take care <3

    • Thanks for your love and input Jack!
      I don’t think either are the goal. My point was to demonstrate that the body changes and it is really the consciousness that lives within that is our source of beauty 🙂

      • I still love you <3 Nothing makes me more relaxed than watching your videos on youtube. Sometimes I don’t even listen to the words and the content — I watch them purely as ASMR 😀 Sunbathing in the light that emanates from you.

        • That is very sweet of you Jack and I’m so honored to be a part of your relaxation time 🙂