Being Challenged By Life

Posted on Nov 3, 2014 in Self-Help

When the world works you over, when it tosses you around and breaks you down, what do you do?

We might choose to be hardened by these experiences. Take them as bricks to build the ego and construct walls that protect us from pain. Keeping out and not letting in.

Or, as tiring as it is, if we stay open and raw and present, we can choose to be in acknowledgement of our discomfort and not of it. And we can soften.

To be soft is not be weak. To be soft is to be water – flexible, fluid, mysterious, accepting, nourishing, playful, powerful water.

To be soft is to be an ocean that wears cliffs down to dust; a river that transforms landscapes; a current that powers engines; a rain that feeds a valley; a sea that supports the earth.

To be soft is to be strong.

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