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When your friends become your family and your family becomes your friends… that… that is harmony.

Are you able to appreciate each member of your family as an individual person and not solely for their relation to you? Are you able to walk them down from their pedestal, remove any filter of expectation and stand beside them in companionship?

Making friends with your family means relieving them of any obligation and finding how you may share joyful company.

Are you able to be vulnerable with your friends? Do you feel comfortable that in their presence you will be accepted, without judgment? Do you feel safe enough to be your whole self in every moment?

Making family of your friends means that though you may not share the same dna, you know their story, you know their struggles, and so you adopt them into your world and chose to love them unconditionally.

This is liking who you love and loving who you like.

To be friends with your family and family with your friends is a beautiful thing. And, when you can be fans of them all; your friends, your family and your foe, now that is really something.

Can you find something to celebrate in everyone?

Whether it is the passion your pal has for his painting or the generous nature of your grandparents. Are you able to admire and applaud the performances of these personalities?

And for those whom you feel less compatibility — are you able to, in the least, see their triggers as teachers and say thank you?

When we can see individuals just as people trying their best at this thing called life, and when we can express gratitude for every encounter, we have a recipe for peaceful community.


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