Posted on Feb 17, 2015 in Self-Help

As an exploration in compassion, try looking at other individuals in the same way you might a child.
When they commit an error or act in a displeasing fashion, how would you respond?

When we practice seeing adults as children it often becomes easier to move away from a space of judgement and into a space of empathy.

If we can see them for their innocence, we can understand that they are naive to different choices.
If we can guess what might be going on for them, we can appreciate their suffering.
If we can let go of their actions, instead of falling into resentment, we are able to access forgiveness.
If we can keep our expectations in check, we can become their cheerleader rather than their competitor.
If we can tune into the preciousness of their being, our intuitive caring nature will emerge.

The thing is…when we “grow up” we don’t grow out of a need for love and understanding from others. If anything, we accumulate experiences that may warrant a need for more.
With time, our ability to give love also evolves. As our heart expands it finds new outlets for expression.

To soften ourselves enough to see the goodness in everyone, is to enlighten the world.


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