Posted on Aug 30, 2019 in Self-Help, Thoughts

I yearn to cry in the ocean
So it may dissolve my tears
I pray for the night to fall
So it may drown my shadows

Calm in not knowing where one ends and another begins
To be part of
In this desperate search for belonging
Embraced by the outer expression of the inner
Where self isn’t just reflected but surrounded

Enveloped, and there is nothing else

Solace in having a home
In having a place to hide
Here, there is comfort in the camouflage

Blackness and pressure
tells me that I am in my womb
That I am safe
And that it is okay to be vulnerable
It tells me that I am protected
And that even if I am to unravel
I’ll be contained

And so I walk with this weighted darkness
I hold it
And it holds me

depressed help support journal sad blue ocean self stress
I found this passage from 2o14. Journal entries, photos and memories, reminders of the many stages one life can take. I remain in awe of them all.

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