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When we act out of fear we are never granted the gift of abundance. We cling to habits, friendships, romantic relationships, work, money, beliefs, possessions, plans etc., that are no longer serving our higher-self because they are comfortable and because we think that if they go, nothing as grand will be there to fill the void of their absence. We are scared of feeling empty and act to protect ourselves from the tenderness of this vulnerability.

However, when we are brave enough to let go and let go fully, we open up space for new blessings to enter.
There is a common belief that there isn’t enough to go around — that we must live with a mindset of scarcity, of saving/clinging in order to ensure our growth. The resulting reality of this mentality? Lack of fulfillment and a sense of being stuck.

Acting out of fear impedes the flow of energy in our lives. Letting go is the first step in supporting the existence of this energy and feeding its flow.
Staying in a unhealthy romantic partnership is one example. Letting go of that person can be difficult because you fear being naked in the world again. But release them and any expectation you have of that relationship and you will be welcoming untapped abundance. It may come in the form of a new partner, a friend or may a fuller relationship with yourself.

The process of looking to buy a house is another example. It’s easy to cling to one listing because it checks certain boxes. But when things aren’t flowing- the inspection doesn’t go well, you are outbid etc., it is time for self-reflection. Is there clinging to a particular fantasy? Have the blinders narrowed? Let go of that property. Let go and the accommodations in line with the growth of your higher-self will present themselves.

When we relax our grip our palms open to the universe. The limitless, infinite universe.


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