Food Freedom

Posted on Aug 10, 2016 in Nutrition


It was years that i searched for a truly healthy, sustainable diet. And it was years that I suffered.
I came to low fat raw veganism desperate for a more peaceful relationship with food. Now it is 7.5 years later and i continue to feel grateful for its influence in my life.


kat-green-raw-vegan-girlSure, food is not 100% of what it takes to be healthy, but it is certainly a part of it.

If we can take care of this basic need we can alleviate significant stress and free up energy for other mental, emotional, physical and spiritual endeavors. can you imagine what you might do if food became a non-issue in your life?

I’ve put together multiple recipe books to answer the some very common questions. “Just fruits and veggies, what the heck do you eat? doesn’t that get boring?”

I’d love for others to know it is possible – to have meals that are free of guilt and free of addictive qualities; to nourish the body without compromising taste; and to have more ease with their diet.


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  1. How is it that you’re so thin and being on a vegan diet it’s so confusing I struggle I’m struggling with an eatingdisorderand I want to weigh 80 pounds and then teen my way

    • Hi Andrea,
      I understand, the struggle to find what works (mentally and physically) when it comes to food, is a challenge. The raw vegan diet, for me, has been the only way my body & mind have been able to find some balance. My weight has also come to level at a healthy number.