Posted on Jan 25, 2019 in Self-Help

Grief has no regard for our schedule. It shows up when it does – 

In the still & quiet moments, when we’re alone and drifting toward sleep;

In the hustle of a work day, while we’re surrounded by colleagues, clients and a million todos.

It has no concern for what or who populates our calendar.

Waves come in,

at their own pace.

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Sometimes we can bear them, holding our ground as they barrel through our soul.
And sometimes we have no choice but to surrender to their force.

Let oneself be taken under

to feel fully their weight,

their pressure and their power.

Let oneself feel the suffocation and helplessness of drowning;

the disorientation that comes with being held hostage to a wild current;

and the humbleness that comes with resigning to something far greater than.

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Grief comes in waves

And there is no easy way out.

Cracks develop as we thrash against the coral
It chipping away at our form, testing our most vulnerable pieces.

As a buoy within reach, gratitude bobs at the surface

graciously offering breath and a glimpse of light.

The swells continue

Their push and pull

But strength too develops, 

as we learn the ways of the ocean and discover the capacity of our lungs.

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Grief comes in waves
As it does go

And eventually we emerge as softer, more refined and polished beings.
More knowing of humanity and of God

For being captive to a weightless, colorless, chaotic existence,

introduces us to both our fragility and our resilience.


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