Posted on Aug 20, 2019 in Self-Help

Life fucking sucks sometimes, but it can be equally amazing if we let it. Here’s a pro tip – stop waiting for that big thing to be happy (the vacation, the wedding, the new house…) Goals are great but when we fixate too closely on the future, we can miss the millions of joy opportunities along the way. It’s the little things: the spring blooming trees, the cool breeze, a kiss from our sweet, a funny meme, the house all clean.

And what’s convenient is, delighting in the little things doesn’t at all get in the way of future goals. It’s a no lose way to play the game.

If we’re honest too, how often do our “big” plans fall flat anyway? How often do we end up disappointed after reality doesn’t rise to meet our expectation. Maybe it rains on that vaca, maybe there’s unwanted drama at the wedding, maybe the new house has surprise plumbing issues.

We can’t guarantee our future happiness, all we can do is be present to the potential of pleasure in this moment. We can vow to indulge it when it comes. We can be active in seeking out known bliss bringers.
⋆ ☼ ⚡️ We can be open to and encouraging of life’s amazingness 🌻 ❀ ⋆


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