Posted on Oct 5, 2019 in Self-Help, Thoughts

First and forever there is light.
Pure and pleasant it glows.
Beams become beings and all is bright.

What if however, it could be made more interesting?
Rays to be refracted, magnified, colored, textured and silhouetted.

How might that appear?

Rainbows and patterns swirling in sight,
Shapes of all shades dancing in delight.

Compelling in concept, but what could make such a spectacle possible ?

It is our sufferings and our successes
that comprise the kaleidoscope through which our beam is channeled.

Prisms, beads, gold and glass.
Tears, fears, loves and laughs.

It is our experiences through which our ray is charmed.

So go now, with the knowing that all you may encounter
is here to serve your grand creation

For it is the apparatus of your story that transforms this holy light
into a composition As uniquely beautiful as you.

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