Mother Nature

Posted on Nov 5, 2019 in Thoughts, Travel

Return child to the river
and let me soothe your pains.
You can rest as I hold you
We’ll be together again.

Nestle in my grassy bosom
I’ll braid your hair with my breeze.
Come back to adventure with me child
I want to carry you in my seas!

It’s my blessed role to raise you
and so I’ll challenge you with my boulders
But you’ll climb well and make me proud.
Come dear, for we are both getting older.

Come and massage my trails with your toes
tread in me designs anew.
Tell me stories with your steps
and let my terrain teach you.

Come once again to dance with my branches
I’ll sway gentle as you like.
Oh I have such gifts for you my dear
let me spoil your senses right!

I’ve made you bird song and shore sounds
A silver moon and sparkling snow to glow.
I’ve made you succulent strawberries to snack
and such beautiful blossoms to smell.
I’ve made you soft kittens to stroke
and sun beams to warm you well.

Oh child I yearn to once again kiss you golden
Do you miss me like I you?
It feels as though we’ve drifted apart
but know, I’ll always be here for you.

I can’t ignore how you’ve littered me over,
but forgiveness is what parents do.
Though, I hold out hope for the day you’ll return to me
and maybe show your love too.

The day you’ll grow respectful
and repair the sea, sand and sky I’ve provided you.
I dream of the day you’ll acknowledge me
and our relationship will be renewed.

The day you’ll emerge from your barracks
to reconnect with your roots.
You’ll surf my swells and ski my slopes
pick and plant new fruits.

You’ll come out to inspire fresh foliage
and splash about in my falls.
You’ll come to know every creature as your kin
and see the connectivity in all. 

I dream one day you’ll find your way back
to sink your soles deep in my soil.
Come out my dearest to play with me, and I’ll take care of you –
mind, body and soul.

Love, your Mother

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