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Posted on Aug 24, 2015 in Thoughts

My verdict on selfies is still out.
Prompted by having more and more long distance relationships, for me they’ve functioned as a way of saying, “Hey I’d like to share this moment with you. So i’m going to snap a picture and send it to you so that perhaps you may glean some enjoyment. I want to take a part of my happenings and insert it into your happenings so that we might find company in some fragment of reality… so that we might be more connected.”

I would like to feel more connection.

Somehow the world is getting smaller and the ppl in it are getting farther apart.

I want to be closer to the people i love. I want to be more in love with the people I am close to.

To me, this seems to be a shared sentiment – that somehow selfies say, “I can’t look into your eyes or touch your skin right now. But i’d like to. I’m just a silly lil’ human being, attempting to make contact in this silly modern world.


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