Posted on Jun 28, 2014 in Thoughts

selfieMy thoughts are in constant flux with regards to the whole internet universe…

Yes it makes a world of information more accessible than ever, creates ease in activity and facilitates connection.

It can also enable mental and physical indolence and alienation from each other, the earth and ourselves.

I feel sadness in witnessing this interaction atrophy, the erosion of reality.

Ultimately I am grateful for the choice to decide that reaching out online doesn’t have to mean not reaching into the present.

I have mixed thoughts arise with the whole #selfie phenomenon as well. at first i was appalled and judged it as the epitome of my self-absorbed, ‘like’ happy generation. perhaps an expression of vanity and desperate search for acceptance.

Or perhaps it is simple play… it is our silly and awkward way of celebrating the beauty that is this vessel we have been gifted. one way to honour the privilege of this life.

Is there value in placing everything in a box, or is it just a habitual reaction? really nothing has to go anywhere, nothing has to be assigned one meaning. it can just be.

To exist simultaneously IN and BEYOND these labels of the human experience (whether it is with diet or money or clothing etc), there is freedom. To act without attachment to dogma and without fear of judgment and criticism, there is freedom.

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