Posted on Jul 27, 2020 in Self-Help, Thoughts

With enough time or the right circumstances
we grow beyond who we were.
Our once firm outer skin loosens
for it ceases to accommodate our changing form.

There are old parts of us that no longer fit
who we are now or who we want to be
but they are not to be disposed
for they are not debris.

We devourer the skin we were in
as nourishment.
Minerals to fortify a new fabrication.

& Repeat

This is the revolution of personal evolution
where death is celebrated as much as birth
for expired cells recycle into the system
to feed new structures
and mature ones push out what is no longer necessary.

It is in these current 2020 circumstances that 
for many, much of reality is being called into question
and in a sloughing off of old ideas
we are seeing transformation on a grand scale.

A byproduct of harvesting beliefs is a reinforced identity.
the face we use for connection, but also the mask we wear for protection.
So, questioning what we think we know will feel uncomfortable
but it is essential to the cycle that produces our individual and collective progression.

The churning of your carapace
is your divine duty for it is 
a demonstration of your soul’s development.

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