Posted on May 29, 2016 in Travel

I could have never known back in march 2o11 that I was setting out on a travel journey of this magnitude. 5yrs and 133 beds later and i’m somehow still trekking.

I encourage everyone to get out and globetrot. Time away from where one is raised is really invaluable. It offers so many new perspectives and opportunities for real learning.

One of the biggest changes i’ve adopted has been, becoming more comfortable with “going with the flow.” Most of the traveling I had done as a child was taking family trips that were extensively planned out. My daily life then was also fully scheduled with school activities during the year and camp during the summer. I remember being in high-school and talking to one of my teachers about the traveling he’d done in his youth. He spoke about a 5 year journey around the globe, how none of it was planned, how it all just unfolded as as he went. i was baffled… No plans!? Where would one sleep, how would they prepare, what would they do with their day? Clearly, this way of operating lived far outside the comfort zone of my consciousness.

And then life happened. I encountered a number of circumstances, ones that I couldn’t have planned for. a test to my paradigms, what was being revealed was how tightly I was clinging to my illusions of safety & security; what began showing itself were my many hidden fears.

Survival meant moving from attachment to acceptance. It meant developing more and more understanding of the fluid nature of this reality. It meant seeing that everything is temporary and that nothing is comple–  ; )


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