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This is the vision board I made back in 2010. I love love LOVE this project as tactile way to play with future goals and recommend it to anyone who feels so inspired.


Not a day goes by now that I don’t express gratitude for my life and all the chapters that have written me here. I’ve yet to make another board because I’m truly still just living out this one!


None of this is to imply that things are “picture perfect” for me. Really, I would never want or expect them to be. There are torn edges in the collage of this dimension as well and, in my opinion, they only add to the character of this masterpiece.


It’s these challenges that keep me growing, these surprises that keep me present. I have to say that, in the least, this life thing, it’s always interesting!


It’s forever changing and at times it can certainly feel overwhelming to keep up with all the storylines. I’ve found for myself that the most effective navigation has come through a consistent and continuous practice of TRUSTING IN THE PROCESS & COMING BACK TO THE HEART. Trusting in the process and coming back to the heart. One day at a time.

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